Expats Coaching

Finding stability and support in volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous times

As an expat we find ourselves away from family, friends and our support system. We feel uprooted and not really belonging anywhere. We literally are somewhat lost in transition. Moving from one country to another can create feelings of instability, insecurity, fatigue and loss in an often culturally diverse environment. Stress levels and anxiety rise because as an Expat we are frequently exposed to unfamiliar situations and find ourselves far out of our comfort zone. Expat coaching helps you reduce feeling this way, it supports you in finding more stability and comfort within. It elevates you, helps you feeling more at ease and seeing things from a different angle. It offers you a safe space where you can openly express your feelings and thoughts about the current situation without being judged. With my own experience as an Expat for many years and my expertise as a coach, I will support you finding your strengths and your resilience. Together we will find answers to your questions and concerns to better deal with your challenging transition time.

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